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DWI - Drunk Driving

An Aggressive St. Louis DWI Lawyer

Many attorneys think they can handle DWI cases, but there are only a few who specialize in DWI defense. Jason Korner has the DWI specific knowledge and trial experience to get real results for his clients who have been accused of drunk driving. Mr. Korner has successfully handled jury trials for both first time offenders and clients who have had multiple prior offenses and were facing felony charges and prison time.

Whether your goals are to avoid a criminal conviction and possible jailtime, or if your driver's license is your most imporant priority, Mr. Korner's unique skill set puts him in the best position to help you achieve those goals. The path to success in any DWI case comes down to the facts and what an attorney can do with those facts. Mr. Korner takes the time necessary with each of his cases to identify the facts that will help his clients reach successful results.

A Proven Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Mr. Korner provides a thorough and aggressive defense for each type of drunk driving case:

He has experience with the police and prosecutors in the municipalities around the St. Louis where the most DWI arrests take place:

Mr. Korner will help you with all aspects of your case including challenging a Driver's License Suspension resulting from either a breath test over the legal limit or the Refusal of a Breath Test.

If you would like, please take the time to read about Jason Korner's DWI Results. Also, here is some information about specific DWI Defenses and Breath Test Defenses as they apply to Missouri drunk driving cases.


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